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Pocket Roster Mania

Today is a grand day for Georgia Tech football fans. No longer will you ask "who just made that play? I didn't see his name, it was 37 though." A new era starts today, folks. You will experience the rush of knowing that it was Joe Gaston, a 5'11" 195lb. safety. You will know this because you have your trusty...

Georgia Tech
Pocket Roster

Presented By:
In Dodd We Trust

To make your very own roster, all you need to do is download this PDF and follow a few simple steps.
  • Find a piece of cardstock, as this will give your roster durability and a nice gold color. Plain white paper will do, however, if you somehow can't raid the supplies closet at work.
  • Now, print page one only.
  • Then, flip the paper over, and print page two only. If you are a fancy pants know-it-all, feel free to just print on both sides at once.
  • Find some scissors, or since you'll be doing this some afternoon while at work, go full out and use the paper cutting board.
  • Now just fold your roster into thirds and enjoy liberally.
Sadly, I cannot claim invention of the pocket roster. That honor goes to Jeff. I think this roster has his "just print it out on a sheet of paper and fold it up" method beat on looks, usability, and just plain hardcoreness. You aren't a real fan unless you have one of these rosters. Now go, make your roster.

Thanks! This is great!

Indeed I have already printed the Pocket Roster on heavy-duty light yellow cardstock, on the company printer.

I have fixed the link. Sorry everyone. It does require two clicks to get to, but hopefully all the people on the hive won't mind!

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