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Procrastinating is FUN!

We all get bored sitting at work, at home, in class, wherever. Inevitably, our minds wander to that great American game, Football. But alas, you've read all the blogs, you've posted to all the message boards, read all the articles, and talked at the water cooler until all that water made you have to pee...really bad. With the thought of actually doing some work looming over your head and no way out, I give you:

World Stadiums!

The biggest and best waste of time for sports enthusiasts. The premise is simple, it lists every stadium in the world capable of holding at least a couple thousand people, and has a picture of every one that holds over 10,000. You can see future stadiums, past stadiums, and what sports are played in these stadiums. Its a useless trivia buff's best friend in the whole wide world. So go ahead, finish off the rest of your day looking at pictures of D1-AA Stadiums and Soccer stadiums in Morroco.

Here are two excellent stadiums:

Stade de Omdurman in Sudan - a 14,000 seater that makes your town's HS football stadium look like the Taj Mahal.

And then, yes it even does have those big HS Stadiums. Here is Bazemore-Hyder Stadium in Valdosta, GA.

At any rate, you get the idea...run with it.