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Issues With Omaha

The Blatt

The Jackets are headed to Omaha. If you tell that to a college sports fan, they know that means they’re going to the College World Series. Since 1950, the CWS has been held at The Blatt in Omaha. And personally, I don’t like it. It’s nothing against Omaha or Nebraska or the Blatt, but I’d like to be headed somewhere else.

I don’t like sports events being held at the same venue every year.
I think events should move from place to place, much like the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and (admitting I wouldn’t even think to mention this in most years) the World Cup.I think a non-changing venue makes sense for certain events, like the Kentucky Derby, Daytona 500, or the Masters. In events like those, a win is part of the pursuit of a greater championship (specifically, a Triple Crown, Nextel Cup, or PGA Tour championship). Also, with racing and golf, the character of the course/track greatly effects the event, I imagine more than a ballpark typically effects a ballgame.

Other exceptions to my issue with “static” venues are contests where the participants agree on the venue.
For instance, The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville—Georgia and Florida specifically agree on the venue. Conference championship games also apply here, although less so; although The Conference may agree on a venue, certain teams may have qualms. That’s too bad, but at least that decision may only effect conference members—not more than a dozen or so.

NCAA Division I, on the other hand, includes 327 schools. Although some probably do not field a baseball team, I doubt all those that do want their championship to ALWAYS be in Omaha.