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In Dodd We Trust is Movin'!

Readers! In Dodd We Trust has moved to Sports Blog Nation, and is now Ramblin' Racket! I ask y'all to update any links or blogrolls to the new address.

My new site logo, made by real a professional artist. That's right, professionals do stuff for me now.

You can expect the same type of content over there as you found here--it's basically the same blog, just with a new home. I hope all of you follow us over there and continue to participate in our discussion of all things Tech... well, maybe not all things... really just football. Whatever.

Procrastinating is FUN!

We all get bored sitting at work, at home, in class, wherever. Inevitably, our minds wander to that great American game, Football. But alas, you've read all the blogs, you've posted to all the message boards, read all the articles, and talked at the water cooler until all that water made you have to pee...really bad. With the thought of actually doing some work looming over your head and no way out, I give you:

World Stadiums!

The biggest and best waste of time for sports enthusiasts. The premise is simple, it lists every stadium in the world capable of holding at least a couple thousand people, and has a picture of every one that holds over 10,000. You can see future stadiums, past stadiums, and what sports are played in these stadiums. Its a useless trivia buff's best friend in the whole wide world. So go ahead, finish off the rest of your day looking at pictures of D1-AA Stadiums and Soccer stadiums in Morroco.

Here are two excellent stadiums:

Stade de Omdurman in Sudan - a 14,000 seater that makes your town's HS football stadium look like the Taj Mahal.

And then, yes it even does have those big HS Stadiums. Here is Bazemore-Hyder Stadium in Valdosta, GA.

At any rate, you get the with it.

A Newbie's Guide to Tailgating Areas at GT

This post is intended to offer advice to new students, new alumni, or visiting fans who don't know where to go for tailgating. Tech has a fairly big campus with fairly little usuable 'gating space, and even less parking. If you've tailgated at Tech for years, this guide will tell you nothing. In fact, you may say "Those are lame spots! EVERYone knows the ONLY place to 'gate is [insert your spot]!!!"

Consult this map I made, and I will offer brief explanations of each area. By no means is this map comprehensive, and I don't know the whole situation on all these areas. This post was made with some help from the folks at the Hive. Feel free to post info you have in the comments, and I will update this guide as I get more/better information.

The Varsity (orange on the map): I highly recommend tailgating at the Varsity lot for beginners. For one thing, you can experience a Tech tradition by getting an FO, Yankee dog, and strings, and also you're damn close to the stadium. (Warning: I don't know the whole parking situation, i.e. how much you'd pay to park in the lot or deck there.)

W01 (light blue): There is good RV parking along Tech Parkway, and I don't believe you pay to park there.

W02 (purple): Student Center Parking Deck & Lot. Lots of room, lots of people. I usually see a few visitor tailgates here.

IC Field (green): AKA the F'in Awesome Lot; home sweet home for IDWT. Tech no longer lets people park on the grass here, so you'll need to park a little ways away. Lots of room on the field, and fairly family friendly (except for the random cursing, smashing of liquor bottles, and throwing of lawn darts by my buddies).

W21 (red): Lot behind the Physics building. I usually see a few visitor tailgates here; good, spacious lot. Near the center of campus and the campanile, where GameDay will be for Notre Dame.

Yellow Jacket Park (yellow): I have never tailgated here and know NOTHING about tailgating here; I just imagine it would be a good place because it's a huge grass field. GameDay will be near the campanile according to D-Rad, so they may actually be here.

W24 (blue): Small but good lot. Fairly far from the stadium, so not good if you have elderly, pregnant, etc. 'gaters.

W25/26/27: Similar to W24 but bigger. Friendly to visitor tailgates. Again, far from Bobby Dodd Stadium.

E65: Lot behind Alexander Memorial Coliseum. It seems about half of the Hive tailgates here. Lots of RVs, lots of alumni. Maybe not super-friendly to "enemy" tailgates.

There you have it folks, a brief summary. Again, feel free to give feedback if I'm wrong on something or if there's a glaring omission. See y'all in September!

Wednesday Morning Rundown

Few lil' GT Quick hits:

Via Wreck Ramblin', Al Ciraldo is in consideration for the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in Macon. The late Ciraldo was the voice of Georgia Tech football and basketball from 1954-1993 [edit:fixed the year]. He was a huge assett to the Yellow Jacket community, and if he doesn't make the HoF now, he definitely will later. Credit Ciraldo with the phrase "When Toe Meets Leather." If any of you want to make a GT blog, would be a fine choice.

D-Rad has spoken to Georgia Southern's AD about a football game in the future. No projected date, just an idea, but I'm all for it. Really, playing a good AA opponent is kind of a no-win situation, because if you don't blow them out, "you should have," and if you lose, that's just terrible. But I am definitely stoked about that. Although be sure to double-bag it when the Statesboro kids come to town.

AJC profile of D-lineman Vance Walker. He's put on 10 pounds and worked on his speed.

Practice notes from the Macon Telegraph.

Later today: profile of good tailgating spots on/around campus.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Georgia Tech - National Title "Contender"

Stewart Mandel of lists 16 national title contenders, including Georgia Tech. Mandel explains this is not a "Top 16," but rather that these teams, "at least on paper, possess many of the right ingredients -- a veteran quarterback, experienced offensive and defensive lines, proven playmakers, a favorable schedule -- to put together a championship run, provided some other key areas fall into place." He goes on to say "All the teams on our list of contenders have the basic foundation to go 13-0 yet could just as easily wind up 7-6."

At first I was surprised to find Georgia Tech on this list, but given their full description (especially that last sentence I quoted), I agree entirely.

Super-Preliminary Preseason BlogPoll Ballot

First off, two notes: (1) This was done with minimal research, off mainly gut feeling and the consultation of the AP poll and a couple other folks' BlogPoll ballots.
(2) This was done by the BlogPoll guidelines, which say we're ranking who would beat whom. That was the main criterion here, I looked at a team, the teams above it, and the teams below it. Who would win?

This resulted in certain things you won't see on (m)any other ballots, i.e. GT in the top ten. Blatant homerism, wishful thinking? Oh yeah. But still, since I think Tech will beat Notre Dame, the Jackets should be ranked higher than the Irish. On with the crappy ballot.

1. Ohio State University
2. Auburn University
3. West Virginia University
4. University of Southern California
5. University of Texas
6. University of Florida
7. Georgia Institute of Technology
8. University of Lousville
9. University of Iowa
10. University of Georgia
11. University of Notre Dame
12. University of Oregon
13. Boston College
14. University of California, Berkeley
15. University of Michigan
16. University of Arkansas
17. University of Miami
18. Florida State University
19. Texas Christian University
20. University of California, Los Angeles
21. Pennsylvania State University
22. Louisiana State University
23. Clemson University
24. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
25. University of Utah

Others considered: Oklahoma, Navy, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Arizona State, Fresno State

Doubtless this will change before submission, and doubtless fans of many teams (in the strange event that they visit this website) will be like "WTF? No way!" at their "low" rank or absence from the list. Tell me where I f'ed up, though. On thing, though. There's no way Georgia Tech is leaving my top ten during the preseason.

Tuesday Morning Rundown

Usually I don't like it when news outlets Costasize, but lately the AJC has run a lot of good player profiles: Travis Chambers, Wayne Riles, Jahi Word-Daniels, Tashard Choice.
This jackass won an Emmy for ruining the Olympics.

Wreck Ramblin' point us to a sweet but kinda concerning article on CJ: Calvin claims he knows "every position," so he'll be lining up all over the place. But like Goldtimer said, shouldn't he have kept that quiet? Although it really makes the imagination run wild; where are we gonna line him up? QB, RB, TE?

Brief practice report. The full report is on the Hiver Insider message board, but I'm too broke for that crap.

Georgia Tech on CFN's Top 100 Greatest College Football Finishes: #94 (2000: GT 31 Clemson 28), #36 (1990: GT 41, UVa 38).

I saw this several other places, notably GSB and CFR, but Clay Travis at Sportsline wrote a nice eulogy for Jefferson Pilot Sports, and their god-awful football telecasts.

I truly hope many of you will compete for the Andy French Cup, brought to you by Notre Dame blog The House That Rock Built. The rules are simple: Get wasted, dial (312) 239-0841, and leave a drunken rant about any college coach, player, president, etc. This is no-holds-barred, so feel free to insult as inappropriately as possible.

Coming later today: my preliminary BlogPoll ballot. The BlogPoll is a college football rankings poll, much like the Coach's and AP polls, but it's filled out by college football bloggers like me. You know what teams the voters root for, and you can read their ballots, so any regional bias or blatant homerism is there to see.

Monday, August 07, 2006

ESPN U Cram Session - GT Aug 8th (Tuesday)

ESPNU is showing last years games from GT's football and baseball teams all day August 8th. I was watching The U and noticed they were doing Miami today, and so I looked it up and lo and behold GT is coming up tomorow.

Coming Soon: ESPN XXX,
ASU Cheerleader Porn all day.

The Schedule is:
5:30 am - GT/Auburn FB
9:00 am - GT/CoC BB
3:00 pm - GT/UNC FB

Pretty lame overall but Its GT on TV so you can't really complain.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stop Pickin' on Vandy!

Just about any time you read a mention of Vanderbilt football, whether on a blog or in a newspaper article or in some other medium, the program is demeaned. And I ask folks to chill. Just a bit.

Obviously, Vanderbilt is a (if not the) bottom-feeder of the Southeastern Conference. They've not won a conference title in many decades, and their Varsity athletics are now organized by the same group that handles intramurals. However, I encourage fans to give Vandy a break.

Vanderbilt plays in the SEC, arguably the most competitive conference in major college football. And they suck in it. So why should fans/journalists give them slack? Because they've never stopped. Vanderbilt University has clearly been out of SEC Championship contention for many years. If they chose, they could bolt to some "lesser" conference, and (assuming the same personnell) compete for a conference title much more often.

But Vanderbilt respects the tradition of its conference, which it helped found. (Okay, Tech does not, whatever. GT helped found the SEC but later bolted. This is not the point of the post, so I ask that it not be a major thread in the comments section.) Rather than head for greener pastures, Vandy runs with their long-time crew, and unfortunately loses a lot.

I do not suggest, and do not think, that Vanderbilt is satisfied with their current role. Doubtless, the school hopes (and hopefully expects) to compete for a conference title as soon as possible. But in the mean time, I implore journa-/bloga-lists to not be too hard on Vanderbilt. At times it seems like they get less respect than worse, but not perennially-faced, teams (since the worse teams are faced less often, so there's not the familiarity to their suckiness).

Vandy does not have to be your whipping boy, but they accept it. And for that, I commend their attitude.

(Notes: (1) Most of these comments could apply to Dule within the ACC. (2) This post does not consider sports other than football. I do not consider this inappropriate, since football is clearly the most loved/influential sport at colleges.)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Yoga Program Okay & Other Info

As reported by Paul Westerdawg in a post called "More Tech Cheating?", LSU self-reported a "Level 2" (i.e., won't result in sanctions) NCAA violation for a summer yoga program. As previously mentioned at IDWT, Tech was doing a yoga program over the summer. The AJC reports today that we are not in violation of NCAA rules. Why is our program okay and LSU's not? According to Tech's compliance director:
"The ACC told us what we were doing is OK," Parker said. "Since we're doing yoga that's open to all student-athletes, it's OK — it's not special to the football team. Plus, it was initiated through our sports medicine staff, and it's non-mandatory."
Gotta show respect to dudes with the last name Parker.

The AJC has some photos from Thursday's prakiss. Both K-Mike and Phillip Wheeler are rockin the visors on their helmets.

Reggie's got a chip on his shoulder, and he's out to prove the nay-sayers wrong this season... Just like last season. (HT: Wreck Ramblin')

New Student Sendoff Picnics

It's almost time for school to start back up again, and with that comes the send off picnics that local GT Alumni Clubs have. I would like to take a moment and post the list of picnics that haven't happened yet so that hopefully a few extra people might attend their local event. The Boston Club, which I am currently a member of, is having their picnic the 13th. I haven't been to one before, but I hope it will be a good chance to meet other area Yellow Jackets as well as hopefully drop some knowledge on the new crop of students. If you have the chance, go to yours, if it has gone by, try to go next year. Here is the list of upcoming picnics:

5 - Birmingham Club Student Send Off Picnic
5 - Orange County Club Student Send Off Picnic
5 - NE Tennessee Club Student Send Off Picnic
5 - North TX/Dallas Club Student Send Off Picnic
5 - Miami Club Student Send Off Picnic
5 - Palm Beach Club Student Send Off Picnic
5 - North Alabama/Huntsville Club Student Send Off Picnic
6 - Midlands/Columbia Club Student Send Off Picnic
6 - Western NC/Asheville Club Student Send Off Picnic
6 - Houston Club Student Send Off Picnic
6 - Coweta/Fayette Club Student Send Off Picnic
6 - Los Angeles Club Student Send Off Picnic
12 - North Metro Club Student Send Off Picnic
12 - West Metro Club Student Send Off Picnic
13 - Marietta Club Student Send Off Picnic with Wes Durham
13 - Gwinnett Club Student Send Off Picnic
13 - Heart of Texas Club Student Send Off Picnic
13 - Boston Club Student Send Off Picnic
13 - Triangle Club Student Send Off Picnic

Help these freshmen get laid, go to a Sendoff Picnic
(PS I dont know these kids)

There are also some other fun events being put on by the Alumni Association including the usual bus trips to Clemson and UGA...perfect for pregaming and staying all nice-n-legal at the same time. Anyways, if you want to check out all of the slated events, just go to the Alumni Calendar. Also, if you are a recent grad, scope out the Young Alumni section of the site.

I brought all this up because it's fun to stay connected to the community more than just showing up at sports events. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled program of talking about football, boozing, and chasing chicks (or dudes).

YouTube Goodness: Joe Hamilton for Heisman

I'm posting this not as a "Glory Days of Yesteryear" thing, but mainly because it features the last time Tech and Notre Dame squared off: the '99 Gator Bowl.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

D-Rad is the Bomb

GT Athletics Director Dan Radakovich just released Volume 7 of his bi-weekly newsletter The Good Word. I recommend you read it, but I'll highlight the key bits:
  • will soon have a "Fan Guide" for gameday, with info on parking, pregame activities, etc. This is a VERY good thing. As of recently, had almost no info on parking; it just sent you to the GT parking site, which is hard as crap to navigate.
  • Link to the GTAA Annual Report. Go watch D-Rad's video intro.
  • Radio coverage is what it is. ISP has tried to find a higher-power FM station, but no avail yet. All ACC football and basketball games are on XM, but they feature the home announcers, so no Wes Durham for road games. Still a very good thing, though. Also, night games are simulcast on WREK, with Wes and the usual ISP sports crew.
I've gotta say, I'm mad stoked about D-Rad as the new AD, and I am continually impressed with his performance and attitude. He interacts directly with the fans through the Good Word and via email. He appears on TV and talks to the press. And one thing that I like is that he looks at GT athletics as a business, and discusses it as such. Sports are our product, and we have customers, not "just" fans.

Radakovich sees that we need to create a good experience overall, as well as field competitive teams. The AA has stuggled for years to develop a solid "sidewalk" fanbase, and hopefully Radakovich can get some wheels turning on that. (Yes, Atlanta is hindered by being a pro sports town, and by the fact that many Atlantans are transplants with existing college allegiances, but those are excuses. BDS should sell out hella more often.)

I didn't have a particular opinion during the AD search, because I knew little about the candidates. With the power of hindsight, though, I certainly think the search committee found the right man for the job. Not a lot to base it on yet, but I don't imagine D-Rad ever being seen as a bad choice.

386 Rundown

If you "get" the post title, then you're a nerd, GT alum or not. (In my own defense, yes I'm kind of a nerd, but I wouldn't have noticed today's "event" if not for a Slashdot post.)

The EDSBS crew will (tentatively) be tailgating for the GT/Notre Dame game. Although we at IDWT celebrate this, McKinley and I will doubtless own their tailgate by following our own 'gating advice. Unless they also follow our advice and one-up it, in which case their 'gate will own us worse than their blog owns ours.

Deadspin offers Four Tidbits on the ACC, including one about the GT/Clemson rivalry.

In a little pre-ACC/Big 10 Challenge ACC/Big 10 action, Tech basketball will face off against Purdue in the EA Sports Maui Invitational.

Some turkey over at the VPI student newspaper has a crappy ACC preview up. I insult his article partly out of spite, I admit, because he insults GT in it, but I really actually thought it was poor overall. Much better info available on many a college blog. And (since my focus is on Tech*), I have a particular problem with his prediction of GT going 6-6. First off, our team is overall much more mature than in 2005. The only area that's truly gotten "younger" is the secondary. Going downhill from last year is pretty doubtful. Secondly, even if you want to predict a mediocre season from Tech, Gailey has given no reason to expect anything but 7 wins (CGE).

*I have no problem saying "Tech" referring to GT in the context of the ACC, since "Virginia Tech" is a "Polytechnical Institute", whereas Tech is an "Institute of Technology." GT is Tech and VPI is Polytech.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tailgating Flag Pole

In a continuing series of "build your own" GT football things, I present to you, the do it yourself tailgate flag pole. Any hardcore fan knows that you're not SHIT unless your 'gate has this. Its important to let everyone know where you are, that America rocks, Georgia Tech (or whatever team you like) demands respect, and what your favorite beer is. The problem is, they are fairly expensive and/or sucky. This being the case, I took it upon myself to design a -fairly- decent pole you can build and use at your tailgate for 30 bucks and only an hour or so of building. The weakest part of this flag pole, I believe, will be the joints. I didnt build one yet, but I designed it up and think it should work pretty good.

Lets get started...

A flag pole needs to be high so that it catches the wind, and makes it easier to see from a distance. Therefore your flagpole should be a good 20 ft. high. For this, you can buy two 1/2" conduit pipes at Home Depot for $2.00 each. I tested them for flexibility, and have to say they seemed nice and sturdy, even when you link two together.

Portability is a major issue when it comes to designing a usable flag pole. Commercial poles are telescoping, which is nice, but not necessary. It's up to you, but I would cut the two pipes into at least two 5 foot sections (four sections total), depending upon how large the trunk of your car is. To connect the pipes sections together, I searched around, and decided that what you see below would be the easiest way to put up and take down the pole. I still don't like it though, and would welcome suggestions on alternatives. As you can see, a five pack was $1.75.

Anchoring the pole into the ground is another consideration. The method you choose will depend on where you use your new flag pole. If you are in a parking lot with just a car, I think lashing it to a rearview mirror with a bungee cord that has plastic hooks would work just fine. If you have a tent, lash it to that. If you are on soft ground, staking it to the ground with some rope and some make-shift stakes would be the best bet. Attach the rope by drilling two holes in the pipe about halfway up and all the way through. Two 30 ft. pieces of rope and put each halfway through. Now you have four 15 ft sections of rope. Remeber to drill one hole higher than the other to avoid weakening the pipe. The stakes are makeshift merchandise display hooks you can buy.

"Did somebody say STAKE?"

If you drill your holes at say 11 ft. this will ensure the top half of your flagpole stays put. As an added assurance that the bottom won't fall, get a solid metal rod, and shove that halfway into the ground, putting the flag pole over it.

Attaching the flag or flags: Buy two screw eye hooks and put one almost at the top of the highest pole by drilling a hole and then bolting it on, and attach the second one closer to the ground at about four feet high. (Be smart about this, and drill your hole so that it wont interfere with your stake ropes) This is how you will lower and raise your flags. To attach the flags to the pole get yourself a piece of rope that is at least 20-25 ft long.

Take that length of rope, and tie a snap hook on about 1 ft from the end. You will use this to hold the top of your flag. Figure out how long your flag is and tie the second snap hook this distance away from the first snap hook on the long end of the rope. If you plan to fly a second flag below the top flag, just get more snap hooks and do the same thing.

Putting it together at the tailgate:

First you'll want to put together your lengths of tube, making sure the two eye hooks are lined up. The ropes for the stakes can already be strung through and the stakes attached to the ropes. Tie the flag rope to the top screw eye first, then pull it fairly taught and tie it to the bottom screw eye. If you are using it, push the foundation rod into the ground, and slip the flag pole over it. Now just push the stakes into the ground and, as usual, enjoy liberally.

The final cost based on the prices I saw today was:
Pole - $4
Pipe couplers - $1.75
Rope - $5.50
Eyehooks - $4(aprox)
Snap hook - $8 if you have two flags
Stakes - $2.50
Foudation rod - $3.50

Total maximum cost: $29

I hope to have one of these up for the ND game, and if I do, I will take pics and post them on the blog.

You can get an American flag at Home depot for 10 dollars (I'm sure just about anywhere else as well). And GT flags can be found at tailgater's alley I presume, or on the web by searching for em. They cost about 30-35 dollars. I was doing some searching, and you can get all kinds of other cool flags as well including beer brands, beer mug flags, jolly rodgers, ect.

Please feel free to improve upon the design or ask questions if you have no idea wtf I was talking about in my directions.

Wednesday Morning Rundown

First off, the links I stole got from Wreck Ramblin'.
  • has a pretty good ACC preview. Their project record for Tech is 8-4 (6-2 ACC, 2nd in Coastal). What's interesting is they have no "projected losses" for GT, only projected wins and toss-ups. Toss-ups include ND, VT, Clemson, UM, UGA.
  • You can now buy tix to the 2006 Dr. Pepper ACC Championship Game. $80 lower level, $60 upper level, $20 for a parking pass.
I don't usually use sponsor names when referencing bowl/championship games, but I like DP.

The Heisman Pundit did a little review of the oddsmakers' lines for the Heisman. This tidbit made me laugh out loud (unfortunately):
Reggie Ball (Georgia Tech) 75/1
Good Lord, he should not be anywhere near this list.
Rivals offers a breakdown of the ACC, with projected standings (GT #3 Coastal, Miami over FSU in the champ game. These guys are really making some amazing claims there) and such categories as Best O. Coordinator, Impact Newcomer, etc. CJ is listed as the best offensive player.

Mr. A at Pitch Right, a sweet Navy blog, has an interesting "analysis" of D1A teams, compared by home state. (I put analysis in quotes because, as someone whose college major was like half statistical analysis, this was simply not. Although he directly admits, "I abhor the mathematics community.")

The Sunday Morning Quarterback promotes some book/magazine thing he wrote for, which he describes as "a wonky contribution to the towering typhoon of Notre Dame hype set to crescendo over the coming month in anticipation of ND's inevitably underwhelming, eke-it-out victory at Georgia Tech on Sept. 2." I will doubtless not buy this piece of crap, but it's cool to see a CFB blogger getting enough respect that a legiti-mate publication would include their stuff.

Georgia Tech is still a top producer of minority engineers (specifically, in this case, #1 in African-American Masters recipients). Although I'm a paleface, I take a good bit of pride in GT's commitment to minority education. We're always among the top producers of hispanic and black engineers (women, too), and when you consider that engineering schools tend to be bastions of whiteness, as do schools from the Old South, it's a pretty cool thing to have a lot of minority students.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Eye of the Tiger

The 2006 Football Wallpapers are out, assumedly just versions of the posters as usual. Looks like we're trying to show Notre Dame's Tommy Z he's not the only boxer. (Not that I think that's a good idea, based on his match at MSG.) HT: jdubjacket on the Hive
I like the golden gloves on CJ.

"Jamie's Mailbag" on talks about Tech recruiting and our chance to be a surprise team of the ACC.

The Macon Telegraph discusses Tech's strong recruiting class. HT: Goldtimer

Brief overview of 2006 Tech football from a gambling site, Eye On Gambling.

This would suck like wo. A bunch of GT freshman this fall will be living 3 to a dorm room... and those are NOT big rooms.

Tuesday Morning Rundown

As usual, GoldTimer is your go-to guy for GT linkage, and he brings us these gems:
  • Just College Football has a poll about the hottest week one game. GT/ND is ahead with 50% of the vote.
  • Preseason practice begins Thursday at Rose Bowl Field. Full schedule on the link. Open to the public for two weeks. (I doubt you're officially "allowed to," but they don't do anything if you bring a small cooler of beer. Coach Tenuta actually gave us props for bringing booze.)
  • Someone actually picked Georgia Tech to win the Coastal Division! Now, I of course believe we will since I wear my white & gold glasses constantly, but I didn't expect any publications to make this prediction. Here is the News & Observer's detailed predictions for GT (losses to ND, Miami, and Clemson).
There's been an interesting discussion lately at the Dawg blawgs about Georgia Tech vs. Notre Dame; I recommend you read all the following links. I tend to disagree with the convictions of Bulldogs, but I've got nothing but respect for the quality of blogging that comes from UGA... but then, they have a journalism school, whereas I'm thankful I can even write English after graduating from Tech. (The Institute will leave you fluent in equations but hardly literate in prose.)
Now, there's an urgent matter in the blogosphere. EveryDayShouldBeSaturday, one of the premier college football blogs out there, threatens to be eating by the Nothing. And much like Bastian leading Atreyu on his quest through Fantasia, YOU have the power to save EDSBS.
Luck Dragon Optional

Okay, what that really means is that EDSBS gets a wicked lot of hits every day, and they need to get a dedicated server, which requires money. If you can donate 10 or 20 bucks, it will help keep the site alive.