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Super-Preliminary Preseason BlogPoll Ballot

First off, two notes: (1) This was done with minimal research, off mainly gut feeling and the consultation of the AP poll and a couple other folks' BlogPoll ballots.
(2) This was done by the BlogPoll guidelines, which say we're ranking who would beat whom. That was the main criterion here, I looked at a team, the teams above it, and the teams below it. Who would win?

This resulted in certain things you won't see on (m)any other ballots, i.e. GT in the top ten. Blatant homerism, wishful thinking? Oh yeah. But still, since I think Tech will beat Notre Dame, the Jackets should be ranked higher than the Irish. On with the crappy ballot.

1. Ohio State University
2. Auburn University
3. West Virginia University
4. University of Southern California
5. University of Texas
6. University of Florida
7. Georgia Institute of Technology
8. University of Lousville
9. University of Iowa
10. University of Georgia
11. University of Notre Dame
12. University of Oregon
13. Boston College
14. University of California, Berkeley
15. University of Michigan
16. University of Arkansas
17. University of Miami
18. Florida State University
19. Texas Christian University
20. University of California, Los Angeles
21. Pennsylvania State University
22. Louisiana State University
23. Clemson University
24. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
25. University of Utah

Others considered: Oklahoma, Navy, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Arizona State, Fresno State

Doubtless this will change before submission, and doubtless fans of many teams (in the strange event that they visit this website) will be like "WTF? No way!" at their "low" rank or absence from the list. Tell me where I f'ed up, though. On thing, though. There's no way Georgia Tech is leaving my top ten during the preseason.