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386 Rundown

If you "get" the post title, then you're a nerd, GT alum or not. (In my own defense, yes I'm kind of a nerd, but I wouldn't have noticed today's "event" if not for a Slashdot post.)

The EDSBS crew will (tentatively) be tailgating for the GT/Notre Dame game. Although we at IDWT celebrate this, McKinley and I will doubtless own their tailgate by following our own 'gating advice. Unless they also follow our advice and one-up it, in which case their 'gate will own us worse than their blog owns ours.

Deadspin offers Four Tidbits on the ACC, including one about the GT/Clemson rivalry.

In a little pre-ACC/Big 10 Challenge ACC/Big 10 action, Tech basketball will face off against Purdue in the EA Sports Maui Invitational.

Some turkey over at the VPI student newspaper has a crappy ACC preview up. I insult his article partly out of spite, I admit, because he insults GT in it, but I really actually thought it was poor overall. Much better info available on many a college blog. And (since my focus is on Tech*), I have a particular problem with his prediction of GT going 6-6. First off, our team is overall much more mature than in 2005. The only area that's truly gotten "younger" is the secondary. Going downhill from last year is pretty doubtful. Secondly, even if you want to predict a mediocre season from Tech, Gailey has given no reason to expect anything but 7 wins (CGE).

*I have no problem saying "Tech" referring to GT in the context of the ACC, since "Virginia Tech" is a "Polytechnical Institute", whereas Tech is an "Institute of Technology." GT is Tech and VPI is Polytech.