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IDWT Exclusive Info!

Once again, InDoddWeTrust has scooped all the major publications to bring hot info to YOU, dear reader.

A member of the IDWT i-Team* went straight to the source** to get an exclusive*** prediction for this coming football season. According to our team insider, Georgia Tech is going to beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish by a score of 38-17, by throwing to Calvin "about 50 times."
*My Dad
**Happened to run into a player at the airport
***Available to anyone who runs into this player in Buckhead

A member of the IDWT i-Team, circa 1932.

Yes, brothers and sisters, this is info you will not find anywhere else! Keep coming back and let us prove "In Dodd You Can Trustâ„¢!"

Sounds good... That's about how I plan on beating ND in NCAA 07


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