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Cocky Johnson

Insert water, receive TD.

Stewart Mandel from SI has a little Q&A with Calvin Johnson from the ACC Media Days. Can any defender stop him? Calvin says "Maybe if you told the guy I was running a go-route, and he stood about 40 yards downfield, then maybe he could stop me." That's some cocky stuff.

Be sure to read the comments section on Mandel's post. This Domer fan named Eli pointed out that, "Georgia Tech (including Johnson)has no chance against Notre Dame. Charlie Weis has had so long to prepare the team...he is not going to let us down. Go Irish!" I was confident about the game before, but now I'm really worried about the game. I did not realize just how long Chuck Weiss and the Irish had to prepare! I mean, the Yellow Jackets have been sitting around doing jack shit as far as preparation! WHO KNEW you were supposed to prepare as a team?! Dude, that is crazy shit. Georgia Tech truly does have no chance. Thanks for the heads up, Eli. (I'd like to point out, by the way, if you look at the E-man's blogger profile, his nonexistent blog's address is... read this... littlepinkgloves.blogspot.com... wow, you're a hardcore dude, dude.)

According to the ACC media, though, Johnson should be cocky (haha, get it? Johnson, cocky?). He received 50 out of 65 votes for ACC Player of the Year. And, per Columbia, SC's WLXT-TV, CJ is the first Junior since FSU's Charlie Ward in '92 to be named preseason MVP, and he is the first Jacket since Joe Hamilton in '99 to be so honored.

On the AJC's ACC blog, Calvin says he still plans to get a Tech degree, with the implication of doing so now rather than coming back in later years. He admits that he'll be re-evaluating at season's end, but hopefully he'll be one of those special/crazy/actually-somehow-academically-oriented-even-though-incredibly-gifted-athletically players who sticks around for a senior season despite high draft prospects.

I've invited my buddies Gabe and McKinley to post here, so there may be some new blood on IDWT as we approach & enter the season. Now the already stellar coverage you've come to expect may blow up into uncontrollable proportions of piss-poor "journalism."

Go Jackets!