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CFN "Fantasy Rankings"

Collegefootballnews.com is running a cool little feature on projected position rankings for each conference, based on "fantasy football and statistical projections." Positions scored as follows:

- 3 points per TD pass.
- 1 point per every 50 yards passing.
- 1 point per every two-point-conversion pass.

: (keep in mind this applies to QBs too)
- 6 points per TD
- 3 points per every 50 yards rushing
- 2 points per every two-point-conversion

: (keep in mind this applies to RBs too)
- 6 points per TD
- 3 points per every 50 yards receiving
- 2 points per every two-point-conversion

- 1 point per extra point, 3 points per field goal

Here's how GT did in the ACC list:

QBs, #3 Reggie Ball behing Drew Weatherford (FSU) and Kyle Wright (Miami)
List of 10.

RBs, #4 Tashard Choice & #14 Rashaun Grant
Only Virginia Tech and BC also had two players on the list of 15.

Receivers, #2 Calvin Johnson
CJ was our only player on this list of 15 (plus two tight ends). FSU, Miami, VT, and Virginia each had multiple receivers listed.

Kickers, #8 Travis Bell
Maybe he'd have placed higher if he spent a little less time at Moondogs. List of 10.

Top 20 ACC Fantasy Prospects (I'll give the full list.)
1. RB Tyrone Moss, Miami
2. RB Micah Andrews, Wake Forest
3. RB James Davis, Clemson
4. RB Lance Ball, Maryland
5. RB Tashard Choice, Georgia Tech
6. QB Drew Weatherford, Florida State
7. RB Lorenzo Booker, Florida State
8. RB Andre Brown, NC State
9. RB Ronnie McGill, North Carolina
10.QB Kyle Wright, Miami
11. WR Greg Carr, Florida State
12. WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech
13. QB Reggie Ball, Georgia Tech
14. QB Will Proctor, Clemson
15. WR Chansi Stuckey, Clemson
16. RB Jason Snelling, Virginia
17. RB Branden Ore, Virginia Tech
18. QB Matt Ryan, Boston College
19. QB Sean Glennon, Virginia Tech
20. WR Deyon Williams, Virginia

They didn't really explain the justification for this list, but whatever.

right on with the moondogs thing, bell is in there every time I go. How many other kickers' ratings actually went down from NCAA '06 to '07?


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