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Thursday News Bytes

Short timeline:
Monday, 7/10/2006: InDoddWeTrust says Tech should wear some retro unis.
Thursday, 7/13/2006: The GTAA announces Tech will wear some retro unis.
Now, I suggested a '90s-style uni but they went with '70s, but there is no denying, I gots some MAD pull up in the athletic office. I just hope the "gold" jerseys don't look bad. Dudes on the Hive used to always say the old jerseys were mustard-colored. It'll be sweet to see GT wearing white hats, though. I don't know if that's even been done in my lifetime.

I posted earlier today about GT's need for a good new cheer.

Winkeljohn from the AJC interviews Coach Chan Gailey about giving up play-calling. This is the first time in Coach Gailey's career that his OC will call plays, and it sounds like CCG has no clue what it will be like if/when bad things happen 'cause of Nix.

Not related to football, but the University System of Georgia is restructing, and most university presidents will no longer report directly to the Chancellor. Clough, Michael Adams, and the presidents of GSU and MCG will now be the only presidents directly under Chancellor Erroll Davis. Previously, the heads of each 4- and 2-year public institution in GA reported to him. Sounds like a good, streamlining move.

According to Pat Dye, Memphis State, South Carolina, Florida State, Tulane, Georgia Tech, Navy, Southern Miss, and East Carolina (all then independent) considered starting a conference in the late '70s. (The article does not go in-depth into that possibility.)

Dudes on the SomethingAwful forums have totally gone off with Zidane headbutt animated GIFs. There's a lot of pages, but most of them have some funny stuff Here's a sampling of the hilarity.