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Friday Morning News Bytes

In case this is my last post before the weekend,
Happy Birthday America! Now everyone go
see Superman Returns. It's sweet.

Welcome back to all four of my readers! Your loyalty shall be rewarded when I hit it big and you can benefit from cronyism. On to the news!

The Tech-Miami Homecoming game is sold out. I have no idea what this means for season tickets, but I need another paycheck before I can afford em. And who decided to schedule homecoming for the Miami game anyhow? wtf?

You can forget yesterday's mention of former Winthrop coach Gregg Marshall coaching at CofC. He immediately decided to stay at Winthrop, where he's had great success. I'm going to Charleston this weekend, maybe I'll try for the head coaching job, if I'm not too busy boozin on the beach and dominating our flag football game Sunday.

I'm a machine that turns water into touchdowns. Or at least I was in 12th grade. Actually I sucked, but I like the picture.

Thankfully, the NCAA is not expanding the roundball tourney to 128 teams.

EDSBS has some nice comments about Northwestern's coach Randy Walker, who passed away last night. I didn't know anything about him, but it sounds like he was a stand-up guy. Never good to have news like this.

Speaking of EDSBS, I thoroughly embarassed myself yesterday and showed my GT-ness. And I got the worst props ever:

Zentraedi poon is the bomb [<-him quoting me]

Perhaps the funniest thing I have ever read on this site.

As animated poon goes, tell me that isn't the bomb.

In a somewhat less embarassing comments thread, Kyle King explained why there's nothing wrong with being unabashedly confident about your team during the preseason. It's guys like Kyle that make me like Bulldog fans, which of course just makes me hate the Bulldogs more, much like the quality of Mark Richt.

More info on Pat Nix at the Peach State Pigskin Preview. Nix didn't pull any punches lauding the ACC, and he talks about how his little offspring had trouble with GT/Auburn, after being trained to root for "Auburn, daddy's team and anyone playing Alabama."

Georgia Tech had five young ladies selected to the All-Academic ACC Softball Team. Impressively, four different majors are represented, including one engineering major, and only one player was a management major.