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Coming Soon: Legit, Unique Content!

Totally, like, one of my faves.

Being that:

(1) I started a college football blog during the dead of the off season,
(2) I wouldn't want to compromise my journalistic [sic] integrity [sic] by doing nothing but linking to other, better blogs, and
(3) I'm not experienced at writing anything interesting,
I've struggled a bit for content here. Coming very soon, though, IDWT will feature reviews of just about every Georgia Tech-related book out there. Most of these will be college football-related (e.g., Clean Old-Fashioned Hate), some will be more about college football in general than just GT (e.g., Saturday Shrines), and some will just be about The Institute (e.g., Engineering the New South). I'm not sure, though, if we'll make it to Hello Buzz.

Required reading in most
ENGL1101 sections

I've got a lot of books about Tech, and I noticed that many of them are not described anywhere online in any detail, so hopefully I can fill a need and maybe turn some folks on to books they wouldn't hear about otherwise. First book review should be up tonight or tomorrow.

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