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Monday Morning News Bytes

  • A dream deferred is a dream denied. The Jackets are out of the CWS, after melting down against Cal State Fullerton in the 8th inning (which followed a meltdown against Clemson in the 8th inning.) Tech will have to wait for its first NCAA national championship. The ACC still has 3 teams (UNC, Miami, Clemson) in the CWS, and GT is unfortunately the only eliminated team so far. UNC beat Clemson yesterday to become the only 2-0 team in the pack.
  • This guy is going for broke: he plans to attend a game at EVERY Division 1-A home stadium. This is the kind of thing my buddies and I would say “That would be awesome to do,” but we don’t have the gall to go for it. Good luck. (hat tip: BON) He’s coming to Bobby Dodd Stadium for the September 21 Thursday game vs. UVa.
  • Interesting article at Sportsline about ACC expansion, from a 2-years-into-it perspective. Dennis Dodd (by no means the namesake of this site) talks about how expansion has boosted ACC baseball (with the league bringing 4 out of 8 teams to the CWS), but how that was really not the point of expansion.
  • Stranko at EDSBS gave me something I never expected: a reason to dig the world cup. I tell my friends the World Cup is perfect for me, because I care about soccer just enough to give a crap once every four years… But, I realized, I really don’t give a crap, because the US losing really doesn’t bring me down at all. I’d be glad to hear that we won, but I know I don’t care about a game if the outcome doesn’t affect my mood at all.