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Goin' Over 800 Miles to Play a Team Less Than 150 Miles From Atlanta...

Image courtesy cwsomaha.com

Before I say anything, Beesball is always a better place for GT baseball news than here. If you’re a Tech fan and don’t know that site, learn it.

The opening game of the 2006 College World Series takes place Friday at 2 PM between Georgia Tech and Clemson.
The action will be on GameTracker, if you’ll be stuck at work like me. If you’re at home, it’ll be on ESPN2. If we win, we’ll play at 7PM Sunday on ESPN2, and if we lose, you can catch Tech 2PM Sunday on ESPN.

In the regular season, Tech lost to Clemson 7-6, won 12-3, won 22-4, then in the ACC tourney, lost 3-2, won 8-7, and lost 16-11. Obviously there’s a good chance of a high-scoring game here. Looking at the bracket, I’m stoked but concerned. Opening against Clemson is no fun, but then, neither would opening against Fullerton or UNC… or Rice or Georgia or Oregon State or Miami.