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Awesomest Link Ever

This has nothing to do with sports, but I feel obligated to link you to Steve Carey's "Saved by the Bell Quote of the Day" site. Possibly the greatest QotD site ever, this site provides so much more. Here's some snippets from an episode synopsis:

  • I remember when this episode first aired (though the memory is a touch hazy): it was a special Monday night premiere, right after Fresh Prince, the night before I started the 6th Grade. I thought to myself, “There is probably a very good chance that, a few years from now, I will watch this show after school, like 800 times a day, until every line sings from the very core of my heart.” Then me and my hot model girlfriend had a bucket of fried chicken and took my Camero to the Walmart parking lot and did donuts until dawn, with her whispering “you are awesome, you are awesome...” in my ear the whole time! Yep, that is exactly how it went down I think.
  • Most Implausible Moment
    Slater: “I’ve been in 14 different schools in the past 3 years.”
    Um, no you haven’t because that is ridiculous. You are a liar.

    Also, where did Zack get a remote-controlled, life-size picture of Kelly Kapowski playing volleyball and how many Proofs of Purchase from Fruit Gushers do I need to get one?
  • What is Wrong With Slater? Watch

    It’s nice to see he started out retarded.

    Zack: “I’m Zack Morris.”
    Slater: “And I’m Roger Rabbit, so what?”

    Zack: “You should take [my locker] - it’s right next to the girl’s bathroom.”
    Slater: “Unless it’s IN the girl’s bathroom, I’m not interested.”

    Wait a second? Unless it’s IN the girl’s bathroom? Ladies and gentleman, I spy a “SLATERISM”!