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Scheduling Notes

Lately, the Dawg blogs have been talking a lot about scheduling (I'd link to specific articles at Dawgsports, but Kyle King mentions playing Michigan about every 3 days).

I took a perusal of Tech's future schedule over at nationalchamps.net, and whadayaknow?, Tech is now playing Vanderbilt in '09 and '13.

Coach Dan McGugin coached Vandy to a .762 winning percentage.
He will not be leading the Commodores in 2009.

Now, I wouldn't call Vandy a huge marquee matchup, but overall I'm pleased with Georgia Tech's recent OOC scheduling. I'd rather see a DI-A team than Samford or Jacksonville State, but I'm willing to write-off the AA patsy; it's basically a fact of life now that it counts towards bowl eligibility every year.

So, excluding those games, I think we're getting some great schedules. For every UConn there's an Auburn (not that UConn is a joke), and for every Army there's a Notre Dame. And speaking of those teams, we've been doing good at regularly scheduling teams outside the Southeast. Another aspect of our scheduling that I'm stoked about is the respect for our SEC roots. The Jackets just played Vanderbilt and Auburn, and now there's Ole Miss, Bama, and Vandy (again) coming up. Also, Spurrier mentioned scheduling talks with Tech. There's no real history with South Carolina, but it would be fun to play Spurrier again... except, of course, that he vowed never to lose to Georgia Tech after he was passed up for the head coaching job, and he hasn't yet.

Tech's old offensive coordinator, who
thought he could make it as a head coach

Thankfully, it looks like things should only good better (or at least not worsen). D-Rad headed up football scheduling at LSU, and since '02 (he got there in '01), the Bayou Bengals have played 3 regular-season games vs. Pac-10 opponents, 1 vs. the ACC, 1 vs. the Big East, 1 vs. the MAC, 1 vs. the WAC, and 5 vs. the Sun Belt, with only 3 AA games. It would be a lot of fun to get a series with one of those west coast teams.