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Thursday Post-Lunch Postings

Well, it's almost Friday which means it's almost the long weekend (unless your office is open Monday, in which case I recommend taking a vaction/sick day). Here's some little updates.

'Preciation goes out to Jacket Dan at What's the Good Word for linking here. Hopefully that means I'm approaching legitimacy.

I abosolutely love this picture; nothing like some Clean Old Fashioned Hate. At first when I saw this picture, I thought, "Man it could suck to be the only Tech kid there." But this quote from the article made me think of it differently:
"Alex Kirk got to be singled out for the Georgia Tech yellow and black proudly worn outside his skin, not for what lived beneath it."
Y'see, he might get ribbed for being "The Tech kid," but that's part of the fun. Nothing but props to Coach Richt for going out to see these kids and help them just be kids, not be cancer patients. I really think Mark Richt is the definition of a Gentleman Coach, and that pisses me off. You always want your rivals to have jackasses for coaches, and chances are I'll have to wait ten or 20 years for UGA to need a new coach, and hopefully get a jackass. Moving on, though.

Matt Winkeljohn (how crazy a last name is that?), new sportswriter at the AJC, has a pretty extensive interview with Patrick Nix, GT's OC. Done yesterday at the Peach State Pigskin Preview at the GA Sports Hall of Fame, they discuss Nix's increased responsibilities, how successes and losses affect his family, and how we have some depth at offense. The Macon Telegraph also has some good quotes from Nix.

Jeff (sweet name) at March Madness All Season discusses teams which should improve next basketball season. He includes Tech in the category "No Postseason to Postseason Contender," along with UGA, VaTech, Kansas State, and DePaul.

Bobby Cremins headlines the 2006 GA Tech Sports Hall of Fame class. Also, this cofcfans.com thread talks about the possibility of Cremins coaching Charleston. They show less respect and/or enthusiasm than I'd expect, but whatever.

Lastly, the Southern Illinoisan has a great article on Rich Yunkus, GT's all-time leading scorer in basketball. What makes this most impressive is his 2,232 points were amassed before there were 3-point shots, and in only three seasons. (Freshman were ineligible then.) Hat Tip: GT Sports Blog

See y'all tomorrow, then it's off to Charleston for the long weekend. Gotta love the beach.

Happy to link to you. I wish I had found you sooner. You've been providing good stuff.

And I feel the same way about Mark Richt. Life would be much easier if he was a much bigger douchebag.

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