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Tuesday Afternoon News Bytes

Two lil' bits of info relevant to GT's upcoming football season, both courtesy of SI:

It seems Brady Quinn, along with some other ND seniors, might could be ineligible because Chuck Weiss suggested they choose agents before the season. Although I'm sure the NCAA will excuse the violations, a la Leinart, in pursuit of $$. (UPDATE! See below)

Brady should do like Leinart did and grow a
beard to turn from Zack Morris into Paul Bunyan

Regarding a lower-profile game, Samford will have a new QB, former Razorbacks 3rd-stringer Alex Mortensen. The Samford game should still be a hands-down win for the Jackets, but maybe having a better QB will give the secondary some good practice.

UPDATE! Okay, so I was led to realize that the whole Brady Quinn thing is retarded and not only unlikely, but damn near impossible. But I still say Brady should grow a Paul Bunyan beard. And does anyone else find themselves hearing Jay saying "Brady Man" Mallrats-style in their head when they heard Quinn's name? No one? Yeah, no surprise.