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Books For the Tech Man, Vol. 1 - Focused On The Top: Georgia Tech's Championship Story

For a big Tech football fan, Focused on the Top is a reminder of better, less 7-and-5-ish times. The book does an excellent job of conveying the unbelievable feeling of Georgia Tech's 1990 National Championship season. That is, Jack Wilkinson starts his story with Bill Curry's exodus to Alabama and the tale of Bobby Ross's abysmal first two seasons. Readers get a good sense of the apathy and low expectations surrounding the Yellow Jackets in the late 80's, and are thereby reminded how extraordinary the 1990 season was.

Focused provides a game-by-game description of the 1990 season, and quotes from players and coaches, as well as photos galore, bring you into the book. There's a brief season statistics section at the book's end, following a (deservedly) long final chapter about the Citrus Bowl and championship voting.

While Focused is well-written, it's definitely not a book for everyone. It tells its tale well, but this book is just a big love-fest, meant for no one but Jacket fans. Hardcore college football fans may enjoy it to a point, but chances are most non-Jackets would become bored with the detail.

I would recommend this book only for Techies who like having miscellaneous memorabilia; that is, buy this book to have it, not "just" to read it. You won't find it in any book stores, but eBay and Amazon always have a few used copies available, and you can get it for $10-20 easily.

Jack Wilkinson might be called the official Georgia Tech Sports author. In addition to Focused on the Top, the tale of Georgia Tech's 1990 National Championship, Wilkinson co-authored Dodd's Luck in the mid-80's and Kim King's Tales from the Georgia Tech Sideline in 2004. Sadly and ironically, both Dodd and King passed away soon after their books were published.