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Stop the Presses! News Flash!

Not really a news flash. Just like two minutes after posting updates, I find other ones. Gosh!

An artist's depiction of this year's postseason

The NCAA approved a new bowl game in Houston. That means, unless some game gets cancelled, there will be THIRTY TWO BOWLS next season. Twenty-seven bowls were renewed, then there's the new BCS championship game, this new bowl, the International Bowl (Toronto), the Birmingham Bowl, and the New Mexico Bowl. Over half of all Division 1-A squads will play in the post-season.
I've argued before that adding bowls hurts no one. All it does is pump money into a city's economy, and allows players to be rewarded for their season... I just don't know, though. Sixty-four teams in postseason play? Now, (I could probably figure out the math, but I don't care to) if too many teams have GOOD seasons (i.e. 8-4, 9-3), rather than mediocre (6-6, 7-5), couldn't it be that 64 teams won't have records of .500 or better?

You can forget about Bobby Cremins ending up at College of Charleston. They hired Winthrop HC Gregg Marshall. I hope that, if Bobby really wants to coach again before he's gone, he gets the chance.

In a totally unsurprising move, SI's Stewart Mandel put Chan Gailey on his Bottom 5 coaches list again. I don't entirely agree, but it's not like I mind people giving Gailey flak. Also from Mandel's Mailbag, check out this from his answer to "which Def Leppard songs best personify various 2006 college football teams?"
Two Steps Behind: This is what Notre Dame's cornerbacks will be in their season opener against Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson if they haven't improved considerably since the Fiesta Bowl.
Any excuse is a good excuse to post a pic of CJ doin his thing