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Update on Future Schedules

Noticed something interesting; two of the best sites for cfb future schedules, College Football Palace and NationalChamps.net have info that doesn't quite jive for GT. According to CFB Palace, we've scheduled a home-away-home series with MTSU for 2010-'12, and according to NationalChamps, we play Vandy away then home in '09 and '13. Additionally, NC lists 3 games with Louisville, but CFBP only lists two.

Here is the composite future schedule from both sites (excluding the annual UGA game), but I can't confirm that all of this is accurate:
  • 2007:

    at Notre Dame
  • 2008:
    Jacksonville State

    at Army
  • 2009:
    Jacksonville State
    at Louisville
    at Vanderbilt
  • 2010:
    Ole Miss
    Middle Tennessee State

  • 2011:
    at Middle Tennessee State
    at Ole Miss
  • 2012:
    Middle Tennessee State
    at Alabama
  • 2013:
  • 2014:
Quick synopsis of ACC out-of-conference (OOC) future schedules, based only on the info from those sites:

Boston College
The Eagles have very few future opponents fleshed out, with only Notre Dame listed in or past '08. Additionally, BC faces Army, Navy, and UMass in 2007, which may greatly affect their chances of any potential national title run. UMass is an obvious patsy, and Army tends to be very weak. Navy has been okay lately, but if the Midshipmen are on an off-year (a.k.a. "Normal Service Academy performance"), BC might be a bit hosed.

Clemson features a pretty robust future schedule with a LOT of one-game series, including LA-Monroe in 2007, in-state (but I-AA) rival Furman and UCF in 2008, MTSU in 2009, Ball State and the Mean Green of North Texas in 2010, and Troy in 2011. For teams that would be willing to schedule a 1-game series, these are pretty marquee matchups. Home-and-home series include Vanderbilt, UGA (no surprise), Pitt, and Ole Miss. Clemson has done a great job of getting diverse "patsies," instead of the same team in consecutive years. (Patsies in quotes because most of those one-game teams is good for an upset here and there.)

The Blue Devils have a pretty respectable slate in the future, although their "lesser" OOC games aren't yet listed on these sites. Duke has series with Northwestern, Navy, Vandy, Army, a date with UConn, and two truly marquee matchups: at Penn State in 2009 and Bama in 2010 (looks to maybe be a neutral-site game). Also on the horizon, the Devils play a "Nerd Bowl" series against Stanford.

Florida State
As expected, the Criminoles play some strong intersectional games year-in, year-out. 2007 features one of the biggest non-conference games of the year for the southeast, with FSU and Bama facing off in Jacksonville. FSU has series coming up with Colorado, BYU, Oklahoma, Air Force, and (per agreement as part of the ACC expansion case settlement) West Virginia. The only "lesser" teams listed are UAB and Nevada.

In addition to the annual WVU/UMD game, the Terps play AT(!) FIU in'07, Rutgers and Cal home-and-away, and host MTSU and Eastern Mich in '09 and '10, respectively.

The rest of the ACC tomorrow!

There was a mistake or two on Alabama's schedule as well. They had us with a series against Tulane that hasn't been confirmed anywhere I've seen.

I don't have it right in front of me, but the Alabama/GT games also already have dates picked out.

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