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Wednesday Afternoon News Bytes

After a long relaxing weekend, IDWT is back. Scott covered all the weekend GT news, but here's the highlights:

GT picked up a QB commit for 2007
Steven Threet is a 6'5"/220 lb senior from MI. 4.0 GPA/27 ACT (comparable to 1220 SAT), sounds like a Goose in the making.
I wouldn't mind a QB out of this mold.

Coach Cremins is back in the game at College of Charleston.
I discussed Gregg Marshall's Cremins-like hire-and-quit scenario last week, and now Bobby's the new coach of the Cougars. Good luck to him.

Now on to the new news!

If you want to hop on the season ticket train, do it soon. There's "a limited number" left. Obviously that's inspecific and there may be plenty of time, but it would stink to miss out. I really want to see a sea of yellow at the games this year. (And I say "yellow"--not "gold"--intentionally. Most "gold" shirts are hideos. Yellow is easier.)

Decent article Re: GT's and UGA's season-openers
"We’re similar in that we’re playing nonconference opponents." - Mark Richt, comparing GT-ND and UGA-W. Kentucky. I hope that this was in response to a question like "Are there any similarities between these games?" because otherwise, I don't see any reason to compare those matchups.

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer discusses Pat Nix taking over "real" O-coordinator duties, and contrasts that with Mark Richt, who continues to run his offense as a head coach.

Finally, a begrudging hat tip to paulwesterdawg about this Albany Herald article comparing Tech to Jan Brady (i.e. Jan:Marcia :: GT:UGA). I dislike the comparison, but there's a couple decent points in there. Oh, and I'd like to point out that Mr. David "I'm a bigtime journalist for a third-string newspaper" Hale misspelled "Marsha" Brady's name.