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Thursday Updizzles

Oops! When changing the layout of my site, I accidentally lost all my links. Those'll be replaced soon.

Paul Westerdawg has a very interesting post about NFL talent by state. Georgia clocks in at #4 with 90 players on NFL rosters, and also at #4 per-capita. This doesn't mean all that much for Tech, since we recruit so heavily out-of-state. Good read nonetheless.

Former GT recruit Mason Cloy from Columbia, SC got scared off by the Big City when helping his dad move to ATL, and immediately committed to Clemson. In all fairness, a kid with the name "Mason Cloy" belongs at a place like Clemson.
Bone Crusher is from Atlanta and Never Scared.
Mason Cloy is scared of Atlanta.

Chris Gay at the Augusta Chronicle breaks down the preseason mags' analysis of Augusta-local schools (Clemson, Tech, UGA, USC). Honestly, probably nothing in the article is news to any blogosphere addicts.

Terrence Moore at the AJC has a touching column about Randy Walker's passing. Moore attended Miami University in Ohio along with Tech baseball coach Danny Hall, Illinois's Ron Zook, and several other big-time sports guys. Good to see an AJC sportswriter put together something this quality.

Five Jackets made the All-Academic ACC baseball team, and there was even a non-management major among them! (Steven Blackwood, Biology) Good job, guys.

Scout dot com tells us that GA/FLA will be on CBS. Why is this on a Tech blog? Because they point out that Tech/UGA is usually on CBS when played in Athens, and I hate CBS's college football coverage. Verne Lundquist is probably my least favorite major network cfb broadcaster. Thankfully, I'll be at the game and will not have to watch on CBS.

A Spanish site called noticias.info has an English language analysis of the Ravens running back situation. P.J. Daniels is on their roster, and will compete for playing time with Jamal Lewis, Mike Anderson, Musa Smith, and Cory Ross.