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Monday News Jacket

Calvin "Spider-Man" Johnson is #3 on CFN's Preseason All-America WRs list.

Rivals.com has a poll up for GT's greatest player; vote between Joe Hamilton (QB, 96-99) and Billy Lothridge (QB, 61-63). I went with Hamilton; his straight numbers are more impressive, and the level of athlete he competed with is miles ahead of players in the '60s. Lothridge is certainly also worthy, leading Tech to a better overall win percentage (0.69 vs. 0.64), but Hamilton led a 10-win season, whereas each of Lothridge's seasons had 7 wins. It's a shame Clint Castleberry couldn't be on this list; click the link if you've never heard of him.
Only Tech player ever to have his jersey retired. Probably could've been our greatest player ever if he'd had more years.

There is an official call for new BlogPollers. I'm applying, but IDWT may be way too new. I'll be helped by the fact that there's only 1 GT blogpoller right now, though.

I'm not a big recruiting guy, but Tech's football recruiting is looking its best in years. Although scholly's are capped at 17, and our class won't compare with 5 star-packed groups for really big-time schools, the Jackets have a history of overachieving. so far, the 2007 class consists of
two linebackers, two corners, an O-lineman, a WR, and a QB.

Sports Illustrated is running a feature called "Commisioner for a Day," in which writers for the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, CFB, CBB, Tennis, and Golf give their recommendations to improve the sport. Stewart Mandel gives his college football changes; here I respond to each:

1) Give college football a commissioner

Mandel complains that college football "is in a state of constant chaos, [since everything must] meet the approval of [...] the NCAA, university presidents, conference commissioners, athletic directors, bowl representatives and TV executives." Unfortunately for the sport, academics really do should come first, so everything should have to meet with the approval of university presidents. A commissioner could maybe replace much of the NCAA's role, but conferences would still need at least under-commissioners, and presidents would need veto power.

2. Add a "plus-one" championship game after the BCS bowls:

This is one I'm not too worried about either way. I think the current system is fine, but if they want to add this option, fine by me.

3. Reduce the number of bowl games:
Here Stewart Mandel recommends cutting the list to 15, and the champions of each 1-A conference are guaranteed berths. Each other team must have 8 wins. As I have explained before, I have no major problems with a lot of bowls. Although we're at about the limit that's even mathematically feasible.

4. Install an early signing day:
This would be good for both the sport but the recruits. High school kids are fickle, so many would wait anyhow, but allowing athletes to "really" commit at an earlier date is good, so they can stop dealing with text messages from coaches.

5. Outlaw the hiring of coaches prior to their bowl games:

6. Delay polls until Oct. 1:
Again, Mandel is dead on. Since nearly every coach and writer seems to base his poll off the previous week's results, maybe a later start will prevent teams getting as hosed from a low early-season ranking.

7. Pick a uniform and stick with it:
I totally disagree with this one. I think unique uni's and throwbacks can be fun, although some teams go overboard... and I really hate those different-colored-sleeve uni's from last year. I wish GT would play a game in some 1990 National Champions-style Navy Blue jerseys. They're not more attractive than the gold ones or anything, but it'd be a sweet homage.
Let's give Shawn Jones some props by dressing like him.

8. No more Tuesday-night games ... or Monday night, or Wednesday night or Friday night:
No way. I love having football on as many nights as possible per week. I don't care if it is LA-Monroe vs. MTSU. I'll see some football, hopefully a couple big plays, and go to sleep happier. And I don't feel that a Tuesday-night game destroys "the sanctity of Saturday" any more than the existence of the International Bowl reduces the prestige of the Rose Bowl.

9. Shorten the length of games:
I agree, but the methods Mandel lists aren't great. "[Restarting] the play-clock as soon as a play is whistled dead rather than waiting for the refs to spot the ball" is a bad idea, since maybe a lot of players and/or refs have to move a long way, say after a long pass. I think the current rules changes will be fine.

10. Prohibit coaches from flip-flopping quarterbacks:
Why? I say make whatever subs you want, whenever you want. Mandel suggests "once you name a starting quarterback, you have to keep him as such for at least four straight games, barring documented injury. Better make the right choice in fall camp, guys." F that. Just because you don't like frequent personnel changes doesn't mean it shouldn't be allowed. And it's not like a lot of coaches change starting QBs all the time, and I doubt those that do really want to.