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We Need a Better Cheer

I just started reading Warren St. John's book on fandom, Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, and it is such a good coolege football book, I may have to add it to my Books For the Tech Man series--Vol.1, Vol. 2--even though it's specifically about a team other than GT.

Something in the book reminded me of an old complaint of mine. St. John, when meeting, writing, agreeing with, or saying goobye to other Bama fans, uses the expression "Roll Tide." The term is almost as versatile as "Hooah" in the Army. A few schools have similar things, although usually less versatile than "Roll Tide." Auburn's got "War Eagle," Texas Tech fans have "Wreck 'em Tech" with the little pistol firing hand motion, and there's others.

Then, even schools without something so simple, most have a cheer that's ubiquitous and fun; Ole Miss's "Hotty Toddy," Clemson fans do their spelling thing, The Noles have the Chop, Dawg fans like to bark in public etc., etc. Where am I going with this? Georgia Tech doesn't really have anything.

Most fans will point out, "Sure we have something! The Good Word!*" But what bothers me is that the Good Word isn't even about Georgia Tech. I would like to express my love and devotion for the Jackets in a unique way (i.e., "Go Jackets" doesn't cut it) without having to bring up UGA or anyone else. Mind you, I like the Good Word, and think it's a fun thing, but it shouldn't be our ONLY thing.

*For anyone who doesn't know what the Good Word is: If one Tech fan asks another, "What's the Good Word?" the correct response is "To Hell with Georgia!" This is typically repeated three times, followed by "How 'bout them 'Dawgs?" "Piss on 'em!" (Photo by Chris Gooley)

It may be a bit unfair for me to complain about this, because I have no solution. I wasn't made to come up with clever or catchy phrases and cheers. Just saying "Ramblin Wreck" doesn't have any ring to it, and honestly, I have no idea how you can really start a new cheer/phrase in this day and age; it would take a lot of grassroots "campaigning," I guess.

"Shaft 'em!"

I was in Atlanta last Saturday at the Masquerade Music Park on North Ave (seeing Trey Anastasio play.) Anyway, I was wearing a "Bama" shirt and must've been greeted with "Roll Tide" at least 25 times. A lot of people that said it were Alabama fans, but even non-Bama fans say it to us.

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