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Post-Weekend Catch-Up

A LOT happened this weekend, mainly on the recruiting front. I'll catch you up on that this afternoon. Here's some other snippets:

GT's football team is doing yoga. Why is this news-worthy? Cause it's with DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE, BABY!
No longer content to drop the Diamond Cutter on nWo members,
DDP must now teach yoga... like, non-pansy yoga.

Atlanta's #1 college football writer, Tony Barnhart, has 10 questions for the upcoming season. He mentions Tech a few times, and it's hard to say how much is "please the readers" homer-ism. He comments "Notre Dame will be fortunate to win at Georgia Tech on Sept. 2," and mentions Calvin Johnsons in a Heisman discussion. I agree with him that CJ "is as good as any of" the Heisman front-runners, but disagree with the follow-up "He just needs to get more touches." It is nearly impossible for a pure wide receiver to win the Heisman. I doubt Reggie could get CJ the ball enough to get him high in the Heisman voting.

Barnhart also took some time out to sit down with College Gameday co-host Lee Corso, to get a few predictions for the season. He reveals Gameday will be 2 hours (up from 90 min.), and claims the Jackets have a good chance to beat Notre Dame if they:
  • "Spend the summer figuring out how to get Calvin Johnson the ball in the Notre Dame secondary. He is the best wide receiver in college football — period.

  • Keep leaning on Jon Tenuta, who is one of the best defensive coordinators I've ever seen. I don't know what they are paying him, but it ain't enough."

Terence Moore has a column about the '78 Notre Dame game at Historic Grant Field, and the ugly fish- and liquor-bottle throwing--that was really quite deplorable--by the Tech fans. I had a brief comment exchange about it on the Georgia Sports Blog.

Former Tech wide receiver standout Kerry Watkins is experiencing solid success in the CFL.

Just read the exchange you had with the dawg fans condemning our entire fan base because of a few rotten apples. Every fan base has these type of fans. As for UGA's mythical poor fan base perhaps they remember 3 UGA fans beating 2 people into critical condition and a third one to death in Jacksonville following their annual loss to UF. It should be fresh in their minds as it just happened last year. I also remember that we used to have a huge inflatable YELLOW and black buzz in the stadium that was destroyed by angry UGA fans following UGA's 51-48 loss to Tech at BDS in '99. But I'm sure I just imagined those two, and surely they are the only two incidents in the history of UGA football where their fan's have behaved poorly.

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