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Offseason Survival Material

Well, I bought an Xbox 360 on Friday, specifically for the purpose of playing the next-gen version of NCAA Football 07--which comes out today and will get me through the off-season without killing myself, but unfortunately I can't afford the game till my next paycheck. NOOOOO!
Calvin Johnson is the #1 WR in NCAA07, with a 98 overall rating.
(Image courtesy IGN)

Thankfully, there's another great offseason distraction: the blogosphere! (and Fight Night Round 3 on my 360.) There's a lot of strong discussion going on right now, and I encourage y'all to read up.

Everyone's favorite bulldog (oxymoron alert!!! haha I am on top of my game!) Kyle King discusses the value of a defensive battle, in response to a strange contention by CFR that low-scoring (e.g. 6-3) games result in a loss for BOTH teams. (Read the rest of that CFR piece, though; it's good.)

Speaking of CFR, he and Peter from Burnt Orange Nation have a point-counterpoint about preseason rankings; specifically, they discuss whether they should try to predict post-season ranks, or identify the "best," i.e. most talented, teams. Peter makes the foolish statement about UGA "by the time they beat Georgia Tech," which I really do think is questionable this year. The last two years the Jackets have played the 'Dawgs awful close (13-19 & 7-14), especially considering the Bulldogs were clearly the more talented team. Much like the rest of the season, I think a win (or loss) over the Bulldogs falls to whether Reggie has turned the corner.

Also, not in the b'sphere, but scout.com has their GT preview up. They predict and 8-4 finish (6-2 ACC)

Finally, I'd like to thank people who actually read my blog. I'm not big on pat-myself-on-the-back stuff, but I feel like this is becoming a legitimate resource for Tech fans, and also a reasonable contribution to the blogosphere. I've been getting around 50-60 hits a day (which is I'm sure laughable to big blogs), and getting linked by a couple of the more legit blogs I know. So, to anyone helping make this blog a success, thanks!

50-60 visits here and there is a GREAT start. Just keep plugging away :o).

I stop by occasionally, you do fine work and the look's clean.

Once the season begins I'm sure traffic will get even better.

The blog is fun to read, I just added it to my list that I check daily when bored at work

Yeah J2, the blog is coming along classily. It has a nice magazine feel, with the all the pictures and good formatting, which is good. I probably account for about 3 of those hits myself.

keep it up. I agree the blog looks great and the hits will come. Don't worry too much about site meters, if the content is there, people will find you.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

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