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ACC Media Days

First, one bit of non-media day news. D.J. Donley, a big-time Wide Receiver from Charlton County, committed to the Yellow Jackets on Sunday. Our twelth commit, this makes by far Chan's biggest pre-season class (previous high of five preseason commits).

The ACC Media Days event started Sunday and goes through Tuesday, here's some linkage to news coverage:
  • Rivals asks "Who's Left?," that is, what big talent remains following the NFL draft, in which 51 ACC players were selected. Calvin Johnson is the only GT player mentioned.

    They say that the non-FSU/UM/VT team with the best chance at the ACC is Clemson, "which arguably features the conference's best combination of talent and experience." I feel that Tech would have the best chance, if Reggie performed well. This should have been the #1 need on my "How can Georgia Tech win a championship in 2006?" post, but a Wake fan was kind enough to point out that I missed it.
  • Also related to the number of draft picks, The Pensacola New Journal argues that the ACC must be included in a "best conference" conversation, based on talent.
  • The Charleston Post & Courier describes the ACC race to top the Florida schools. Although they are clearly less impervious than they once were, FSU has still won 12 titles/co-titles since joining the ACC in 1992.
  • Several articles about Calvin "Turns Water Into Touchdowns" Johnson.
    Fayetteville online: CJ says his advantage is his big, soft hands. Duke Corner John Talley says Johnson's size makes him great.
    Rivals.com: Calvin played baseball as a young'n, before discovering football.
    Charlotte Observer: Joe Anoai says God made a masterpiece in CJ. (Several other non-GT notes & quotes, too.)
    Charlotte Observer: Article about Clemson's Chansi Stuckey, Stuckey describes CJ as the best ACC receiver not at Clemson.
    AJC: Calvin is noted for his humbleness, as we've seen in the past.
  • Joe Anoai describes himself as "the Reggie Bush of" his youth league football team, where he played tailback.
  • Players still have no idea which ACC division they play for, Coastal or Atlantic.
  • The ACC should announce a new conference order on Tuesday, per ESPN. Likely order:
    #1: BCS (Champ. Game winner)
    #2: Peach Bowl, Atlanta (Chick-Fil-A will not be happy when they see an ESPN article not using their name for the bowl game)
    #3: Gator Bowl, Jacksonville
    #4: Champs Sports Bowl, Orlando
    #5: Music City Bowl, Nashville
    #6: Meineke Car Care Bowl, Charlotte
    #7: Emerald Bowl, San Francisco
    #8: MPC Computers Bowl, Boise

    According to the article, the championship game loser can't fall below the Music City Bowl, and games may select "lower" ACC picks only if their record is 1 below the "best" available team, i.e. a game may select a 4-4 team over a 5-3, but not a 3-5 over a 5-3. This is how Tech and BC got hosed last year, with 3-5 UVa and NC State getting chosen before us.

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