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Wednesday Morning News Bytes

38 days, folks. Wallpaper posted on the Hive.

Lotta things goin' on, let's get to it.

I found other articles on these topics, but a writeup by Jerry Ratcliffefrom the Charlottesville, VA Daily Progress provides excellent commentary.
  • The ACC Champion is now guaranteed a slot in the Orange Bowl (unless they go to the BCS title game), much like the SEC Champ in the Sugar Bowl and Pac-10/Big 10 champs in the Rose Bowl. Previously, the Orange Bowl could choose from the Big East and ACC champs. The Big East champ still goes to the BCS, but it's indeterminate which bowl game. (Other coverage; also discusses bowl order rearrangement.)
    ACC commish John Swofford also spent time talking up Jacksonville. The ACC has until December to excercise a two-more-year option for the game in Jax, and it sounds like that's where it's going.
    Ratcliffe describes all this as moves by the ACC to claim Florida as its own, and steal the state's focus on the SEC & the Gators.
  • The ACC and the Atlanta Sports Council are considering adding a bowl game. By hosting the Sugar Bowl to much success, the ATL proved to itself and to the conferences that it could be a two-bowl town.
The ACC will change up the Labor Day teams starting in '07. Since Miami joined the league, FSU and Miami have played on Labor Day, but after this year the ACC will place a different game in that slot. (My call? They started doing this so that the conference's "marquee teams" could regain rankings throughout the season, and also be set up for a rematch in the championship game. Since that isn't happening, what with there being 10 other teams in the league, they decided to scrap the plan.)

ACC Coaches comment on replay, specifically the new coach's challenge.

Following the effects of hurricanes (real ones, not Miami) on schedules, the ACC has a new inclement weather policy. Several options:
  1. Play the game on a "similar date," e.g. Friday rather than Saturday.
  2. Same site, different weekend.
  3. Opponent hosts, or a neutral site. Revenue still goes to original host team.
The Sun Belt conference is looking to add a ninth team. Likely Western Kentucky, who already plays in the Sun Belt in most sports and is apparently considering going Division 1-A.

Another article about CJ, in the friggin Washington Post. Funny snippet:
Against Duke last season, Johnson recalled stepping to the line of scrimmage and being greeted by three defensive backs.

"I was kind of laughing to myself when I saw it," he said. "I was like, 'Three people, that leaves somebody wide open.' "

Duke Coach Ted Roof said he couldn't remember employing the triple-team, but added, "I wish we could put 12 on him."

Interesting to some, boring to others: historical piece about the advent of the forward pass.

Finally, the Daily Press admonishes the ACC for its crappy out-of-conference scheduling for '06. I think this guy entirely disgredards any home game; he oddly doesn't mention ND @ GT this year, yet emphasizes that 3 ACC teams play in South Bend next year. He also tried to discuss the quality of future ACC schedules, but nothing as in-depth as the coverage here.