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Personal Dilemma

Yesterday I got an invitation in the mail; my cousin's wife is throwing him a surprise 30th birthday party!--but it starts 30 minutes after the kickoff vs. Troy (1:30 kickoff, 2:00 party on Sep. 16th). I don't blame her for the scheduling "gaffe." The date of his birthday is uncontrollable, unlike, say, a wedding. Also, they're from New England, where college football isn't exactly the social lifeblood it is in the South.

But, this game is not televised. But, this game's attendance will already likely be weak, and I want as many seats filled as possible. But, I paid a pretty penny for my season tickets (which still seems weird immediately following years of free student attendance). But, this is one of only six opportunities for me to enjoy a home tailgate with all my bro's.

But, on the other hand, they came to my post-graduation party, which was nice. But, they're family. But, it's his 30th birthday.

Now, if I missed the party I think my cousin would understand, as we've had long discussions about my obsession with college football. And I could send a nice gift with my regrets, and he'd know I wanted to be there. But this is damn frustrating.

Expect your GT news bytes later today.

I think the solution is to realize there are 7 home games this year, that I might not go to that game due to SMU family weekend being that weekend. I do realize that itll be fun to watch us run wild all over Troy, but those are some extra facts to consider.

You better be holding up a sign that says "Happy Birthday (cousin's name here) at the game."

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