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GT News Bits: Blue Jerseys and Replay

Okay, our pull at the GTAA is now entirely undeniable. Word on the Hive is, GT will be wearing blue jerseys against Notre Dame on September 2nd. Now, some website somewhere recently said that Tech should "play a game in some 1990 National Champions-style Navy Blue jerseys."

Shawn Jones. He's a BAMF.

The AJC has some quotes from ACC coaches about the new coach's challenge. The way the new rule works, the coach has to take a time out then tell an official he's challenging the play (i.e., no flag to throw). One of the interesting wrinkles here is that a coach can wait as long as possible before calling a TO so he can wait and see if the replay official has decided to review on his own.

Dodd - this is Peter from Burnt Orange Nation. Got a question for you. Can you email me when you get a free minute?



Sweet Jesus, stop with the damned blue jerseys.

We're neither Penn State, nor Navy, nor Notre Dame.

Get us some Mustard Yellow Jerseys like Clint Castleberry wore and we'll be fine.

I'll be glad when the Alums who were at Tech in the 80's die and give up the "blue jerseys and Shawn Jones are great"

Never mind we've lost infinitely more in those things than in Gold or White.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want blue jerseys to really "come back." If we used them more than one game in a season--or even more than once in several seasons--I wouldn't like that.

And Castleberry wore blue.

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