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IDWT Question of the Day

One of the great things about kicking off the college football season against a cupcake is you can sandbag without overly risking a loss. Your boys get some in-game experience but you don't need to use trick plays or even fancy plays. This year, the Jackets have no such luxury.

Any new starters will have a trial by fire before getting to play any Samfords... or even any Dukes or UNCs. so, the Question of the Day is, How much do we put on the table versus Notre Dame?

Obviously we want to win this game. Beating a highly ranked team (especially one getting constantly fellated by ESPN) puts Tech straight onto the national radar, and also the momentum following a big victory would be huge. But how bad do we want to win the game? How much so we want to show our ACC opponents? Do we use all the wrinkles to our offense? Assumedly, there will be some changes after Pat Nix takes over, even if we're running the same general system.

How much trickeration do we employ? Does Reggie bolt to the slot and Choice throw the ball? Do we give CJ the ball on a reverse? Do we run the oopty oop?

Coach Kilmer was angry and jealous when Mox invented the best. play. ever.

Will we need trickeration? Notre Dame's secondary is a weakness, and maybe all we'll need are slants to CJ. But even if our base offensive plan is effective, should we employ some fancy shit just to look good and get the crowd into it?

I have no clue on this, just trying to spark some discussion... Okay, I admit it, I made a long post with the sole purpose of mentioning the oopty oop.

The oopty freaking oop?

I'm a big believer that you leave it all hanging out on the field every single game. Sort of like a "I dare you to stop this" type throw of the gauntlet. Especially as beating ND would set the tone for the rest of the season.

Dan, the oopty oop is quite possibly the greatest creation in football history. Four receivers--two stacked pairs--on one side of the field, and your #1 receiver on the other side of the field.

Chances are, your big guy is single-covered. And chances are also, one of the other four receivers is going to end up uncovered. Simply unstoppable.

(In all seriousness, the oopty would be dece once in a while for a high school team. Most high school defensive backs would have no clue what to do.)

Oh I know the oopty oop, Varsity Blues was back during the sit a couch and watch movies instead of going to class days. It's just whenever I hear the name I have to say oopty freaking oop just like Coach Kilmer.

It's really the second greatest line in the movie after Charlie Tweeter explaining the ins and outs of women, vicodin, and beer.

Listen. Bitches are all just panty droppers. You give 'em Percocet, two Vicodins and a couple beers, and the panties drop. It's very nice.

Samford, Troy, Virginia... all at home AFTER Notre Dame and they have plenty of room in there to work out kinks and develop new tricks for the rest of the season.

Beat Notre Dame on national TV and Ga Tech has a negotiable shot at being an unbeaten top-ten team when it goes on the road to play Virgina Tech (who should also be unbeaten at that point and highly ranked). Win that one and... (I won't jinx it by saying it).

I'd personally like the Irish unbeaten when they arrive in East Lansing, but selfishness aside, this is obviously (to anybody outside ND and the shameless national media rags) a game that Ga Tech can win.

Screw careful. They should come out swinging and if they get Charlie's Angels in trouble, then tech should keep the foot on the gas and try to run up the score and knock Brady Quinn off the Heisman podium and into the second round of the NFL draft.

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