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Wednesday Morning Rundown

First off, the links I stole got from Wreck Ramblin'.
  • SouthernCollegeSports.com has a pretty good ACC preview. Their project record for Tech is 8-4 (6-2 ACC, 2nd in Coastal). What's interesting is they have no "projected losses" for GT, only projected wins and toss-ups. Toss-ups include ND, VT, Clemson, UM, UGA.
  • You can now buy tix to the 2006 Dr. Pepper ACC Championship Game. $80 lower level, $60 upper level, $20 for a parking pass.
I don't usually use sponsor names when referencing bowl/championship games, but I like DP.

The Heisman Pundit did a little review of the oddsmakers' lines for the Heisman. This tidbit made me laugh out loud (unfortunately):
Reggie Ball (Georgia Tech) 75/1
Good Lord, he should not be anywhere near this list.
Rivals offers a breakdown of the ACC, with projected standings (GT #3 Coastal, Miami over FSU in the champ game. These guys are really making some amazing claims there) and such categories as Best O. Coordinator, Impact Newcomer, etc. CJ is listed as the best offensive player.

Mr. A at Pitch Right, a sweet Navy blog, has an interesting "analysis" of D1A teams, compared by home state. (I put analysis in quotes because, as someone whose college major was like half statistical analysis, this was simply not. Although he directly admits, "I abhor the mathematics community.")

The Sunday Morning Quarterback promotes some book/magazine thing he wrote for, which he describes as "a wonky contribution to the towering typhoon of Notre Dame hype set to crescendo over the coming month in anticipation of ND's inevitably underwhelming, eke-it-out victory at Georgia Tech on Sept. 2." I will doubtless not buy this piece of crap, but it's cool to see a CFB blogger getting enough respect that a legiti-mate publication would include their stuff.

Georgia Tech is still a top producer of minority engineers (specifically, in this case, #1 in African-American Masters recipients). Although I'm a paleface, I take a good bit of pride in GT's commitment to minority education. We're always among the top producers of hispanic and black engineers (women, too), and when you consider that engineering schools tend to be bastions of whiteness, as do schools from the Old South, it's a pretty cool thing to have a lot of minority students.

Thanks for the props dude, and I think you said it best with the quotation marks. This little post began out of sheer boredom, and quite frankly there is no way I'm checking some of those numbers again. At least when I factor in SoS it may give somewhat of an implication to which state fields the best teams.

Oh yea, you will now be linked on my sidebar.

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