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Tuesday Morning Rundown

As usual, GoldTimer is your go-to guy for GT linkage, and he brings us these gems:
  • Just College Football has a poll about the hottest week one game. GT/ND is ahead with 50% of the vote.
  • Preseason practice begins Thursday at Rose Bowl Field. Full schedule on the link. Open to the public for two weeks. (I doubt you're officially "allowed to," but they don't do anything if you bring a small cooler of beer. Coach Tenuta actually gave us props for bringing booze.)
  • Someone actually picked Georgia Tech to win the Coastal Division! Now, I of course believe we will since I wear my white & gold glasses constantly, but I didn't expect any publications to make this prediction. Here is the News & Observer's detailed predictions for GT (losses to ND, Miami, and Clemson).
There's been an interesting discussion lately at the Dawg blawgs about Georgia Tech vs. Notre Dame; I recommend you read all the following links. I tend to disagree with the convictions of Bulldogs, but I've got nothing but respect for the quality of blogging that comes from UGA... but then, they have a journalism school, whereas I'm thankful I can even write English after graduating from Tech. (The Institute will leave you fluent in equations but hardly literate in prose.)
Now, there's an urgent matter in the blogosphere. EveryDayShouldBeSaturday, one of the premier college football blogs out there, threatens to be eating by the Nothing. And much like Bastian leading Atreyu on his quest through Fantasia, YOU have the power to save EDSBS.
Luck Dragon Optional

Okay, what that really means is that EDSBS gets a wicked lot of hits every day, and they need to get a dedicated server, which requires money. If you can donate 10 or 20 bucks, it will help keep the site alive.

Dude, I would have figured you about 5 years too young for The Neverending Story references. Only marginally Tech related, but one of my roommates at Tech and I had a pile of dirty laundry so large that we named it The Nothing, because there was a solid third of our room at the house we couldn't get into anymore.

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