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Yoga Program Okay & Other Info

As reported by Paul Westerdawg in a post called "More Tech Cheating?", LSU self-reported a "Level 2" (i.e., won't result in sanctions) NCAA violation for a summer yoga program. As previously mentioned at IDWT, Tech was doing a yoga program over the summer. The AJC reports today that we are not in violation of NCAA rules. Why is our program okay and LSU's not? According to Tech's compliance director:
"The ACC told us what we were doing is OK," Parker said. "Since we're doing yoga that's open to all student-athletes, it's OK — it's not special to the football team. Plus, it was initiated through our sports medicine staff, and it's non-mandatory."
Gotta show respect to dudes with the last name Parker.

The AJC has some photos from Thursday's prakiss. Both K-Mike and Phillip Wheeler are rockin the visors on their helmets.

Reggie's got a chip on his shoulder, and he's out to prove the nay-sayers wrong this season... Just like last season. (HT: Wreck Ramblin')

Parker Lewis can't lose

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