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Tuesday Morning Rundown

Usually I don't like it when news outlets Costasize, but lately the AJC has run a lot of good player profiles: Travis Chambers, Wayne Riles, Jahi Word-Daniels, Tashard Choice.
This jackass won an Emmy for ruining the Olympics.

Wreck Ramblin' point us to a sweet but kinda concerning article on CJ: Calvin claims he knows "every position," so he'll be lining up all over the place. But like Goldtimer said, shouldn't he have kept that quiet? Although it really makes the imagination run wild; where are we gonna line him up? QB, RB, TE?

Brief practice report. The full report is on the Hiver Insider message board, but I'm too broke for that crap.

Georgia Tech on CFN's Top 100 Greatest College Football Finishes: #94 (2000: GT 31 Clemson 28), #36 (1990: GT 41, UVa 38).

I saw this several other places, notably GSB and CFR, but Clay Travis at Sportsline wrote a nice eulogy for Jefferson Pilot Sports, and their god-awful football telecasts.

I truly hope many of you will compete for the Andy French Cup, brought to you by Notre Dame blog The House That Rock Built. The rules are simple: Get wasted, dial (312) 239-0841, and leave a drunken rant about any college coach, player, president, etc. This is no-holds-barred, so feel free to insult as inappropriately as possible.

Coming later today: my preliminary BlogPoll ballot. The BlogPoll is a college football rankings poll, much like the Coach's and AP polls, but it's filled out by college football bloggers like me. You know what teams the voters root for, and you can read their ballots, so any regional bias or blatant homerism is there to see.