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Georgia Tech - National Title "Contender"

Stewart Mandel of SportsIllustrated.com lists 16 national title contenders, including Georgia Tech. Mandel explains this is not a "Top 16," but rather that these teams, "at least on paper, possess many of the right ingredients -- a veteran quarterback, experienced offensive and defensive lines, proven playmakers, a favorable schedule -- to put together a championship run, provided some other key areas fall into place." He goes on to say "All the teams on our list of contenders have the basic foundation to go 13-0 yet could just as easily wind up 7-6."

At first I was surprised to find Georgia Tech on this list, but given their full description (especially that last sentence I quoted), I agree entirely.

Case in point: I am watching GT/UNC right now and damnit, our play calling was so pisspoor UNC had every chance to win that game, but didn't due to a lucky interception by Kenny Davis.

Hopefully with Nix running the offense stupid stuff like throwing the ball when we are trying to run out the clock won't happen.

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