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A Newbie's Guide to Tailgating Areas at GT

This post is intended to offer advice to new students, new alumni, or visiting fans who don't know where to go for tailgating. Tech has a fairly big campus with fairly little usuable 'gating space, and even less parking. If you've tailgated at Tech for years, this guide will tell you nothing. In fact, you may say "Those are lame spots! EVERYone knows the ONLY place to 'gate is [insert your spot]!!!"

Consult this map I made, and I will offer brief explanations of each area. By no means is this map comprehensive, and I don't know the whole situation on all these areas. This post was made with some help from the folks at the Hive. Feel free to post info you have in the comments, and I will update this guide as I get more/better information.

The Varsity (orange on the map): I highly recommend tailgating at the Varsity lot for beginners. For one thing, you can experience a Tech tradition by getting an FO, Yankee dog, and strings, and also you're damn close to the stadium. (Warning: I don't know the whole parking situation, i.e. how much you'd pay to park in the lot or deck there.)

W01 (light blue): There is good RV parking along Tech Parkway, and I don't believe you pay to park there.

W02 (purple): Student Center Parking Deck & Lot. Lots of room, lots of people. I usually see a few visitor tailgates here.

IC Field (green): AKA the F'in Awesome Lot; home sweet home for IDWT. Tech no longer lets people park on the grass here, so you'll need to park a little ways away. Lots of room on the field, and fairly family friendly (except for the random cursing, smashing of liquor bottles, and throwing of lawn darts by my buddies).

W21 (red): Lot behind the Physics building. I usually see a few visitor tailgates here; good, spacious lot. Near the center of campus and the campanile, where GameDay will be for Notre Dame.

Yellow Jacket Park (yellow): I have never tailgated here and know NOTHING about tailgating here; I just imagine it would be a good place because it's a huge grass field. GameDay will be near the campanile according to D-Rad, so they may actually be here.

W24 (blue): Small but good lot. Fairly far from the stadium, so not good if you have elderly, pregnant, etc. 'gaters.

W25/26/27: Similar to W24 but bigger. Friendly to visitor tailgates. Again, far from Bobby Dodd Stadium.

E65: Lot behind Alexander Memorial Coliseum. It seems about half of the Hive tailgates here. Lots of RVs, lots of alumni. Maybe not super-friendly to "enemy" tailgates.

There you have it folks, a brief summary. Again, feel free to give feedback if I'm wrong on something or if there's a glaring omission. See y'all in September!

the white highlight for the AMC lot isn't immediately obvious on the map... perhaps another color would be better

Excellent summary! Could you possible highlight the Marta station and list it as "vistor's tailgate" or maybe somewhere downtown would be better? ha

Yeah, another color would definitely be easier to see for the AMC lot, but I pretty much ran out of easily differentiable colors. :-/

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